“Bomber” must be in custody

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The man who is said to have put bomb dummies on the street at the Street Parade must be in custody. This was decided by the coercive measures court.

The 31-year-old German, who is said to have caused a bomb alarm at the Street Parade, confessed during the first interrogation by the police. According to Erich Wenzinger, spokesman for the Zurich Attorney General’s Office, the coercive measures court has now granted the prosecution’s request for pre-trial detention.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the accused is currently under investigation for the horror of the population. The offence is punishable by imprisonment for up to three years or a fine. An obligatory expulsion is not provided for, but an optional expulsion is possible in principle.

“Withdrawn living”

The man from the canton of Aargau is suspected of having deposited an orange backpack with bomb dummies at the Utoquai. According to Daniel Kloiber, the responsible public prosecutor, the backpack contained cables, mobile phones, metal parts and PET bottles with probably an accelerant. Only explosives and an ignition device were missing. “Such a dummy wasn’t built on a whim.”

An actual motive could not be derived from the accused’s previous statements, Wenzinger continues. The 31-year-old continues to confess.

Arabic music belongs

The man is M. R.* The 31-year-old man lives in a municipality in the canton of Aargau. According to his neighbours, the 31-year-old lived in seclusion: “I barely saw him. From time to time we said ‘good day’ to each other”. He was always friendly and nice. “I never thought he’d do anything like that,” a neighbour continues.

David Segel, the direct neighbour of R., said: “He was very closed, never greeted either”. From his point of view, he had had almost no social contacts. “He has also changed in recent weeks, growing a full beard and listening to Arabic music – that really made me insecure,” says Segel.

Already sentenced

Before the 31-year-old German moved to the canton of Aargau, he lived in an inn in the canton of Zurich: “He came to Switzerland from Cologne,” they say.

He is no stranger to the German city. As the public prosecutor’s office in Cologne confirmed at a request of 20 minutes, the 31-year-old R. once attracted attention with criminal relevance. He was sentenced to a fine by the Cologne District Court in 2014 for violating the Narcotics Law.