What is a Tasmanian sea dragon?


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The Tasmanian sea dragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus) or weedy sea dragon belongs to the pipefish (Syngnathidae). Characteristics Stringed bone plates give robustness to the fragile body. The thoracic and dorsal fins, with which the sea dragon can move forward and backward as well as up and down almost weightlessly, serve as propulsion organs. He has numerous


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sells cats curry to Bill Clinton

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It has just been announced that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) sells cats in the form of curry. Bill Clinton has always been a gourmet and therefore can not do without this delicious curry from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. For many, it is brutal to eat cats, but not for Bill. He said in an interview with BBC Intercational that