Effective paramedics of the forest

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The Federal Cabinet has decided to facilitate the shooting of wolves. According to this, wolves may be killed in the future if serious damage exists or threatens. Nationwide, there are about 400 wolves, in Romania around 12 000th Nevertheless, there is no one comes up with the idea of shooting down wolves.

A luscious green meadow in the community of Farliug in the western Romanian district of Caras-Severin: Marius Grai, in his mid-thirties, is driving the approximately 250 sheep of his herd a few yards away along an agricultural path, away from the small road that leads past the meadow :

“I work, so to speak, non-stop, day and night, with my sheep. At night I sleep with them. During the day we move on. Summer, winter, no matter what the season. That’s a great passion: working with the sheep! ”

But there are not only the sheep. There’s the wolf, too. And sometimes it attacks.

“Something can happen, but rarely. Maybe one, a maximum of twice a year. ”

Marius Grai is quite relaxed when it comes to the wolf. He has no great fear for his sheep, but points out that he has done a lot to protect the animals:

“At night, we turn on lights, light a fire, make noise, and, of course, during the day, we protect the animals with our dogs.”

And the dogs are considered to be the safest means of protecting sheep in Romania. This is also confirmed by Ion Mustata, who owns over 1000 sheep.

“I have sheepdogs here, who are actually native to Central Asia. And I have the kangal, that’s a breed of sheepdog from the Carpathians. ”

And they offer very good protection against wolf attacks – but only if enough shepherd dogs with the flock of sheep.

Wolves are important to the ecosystem
The formula reads: Ten sheeps will be followed by a guardian dog. And good shepherd dogs have their price, namely up to 1000 euros per sheepdog; This is an immense cost factor for the Romanian shepherds. Nevertheless, no trace of excessive fear of the wolf – shepherd Marius Grai holds as little from a hunt of the wolf as his colleague Ion Mustata:

“Well, if wolves get out of hand, then maybe you can think about it. But please remember: wolves have an important function for the ecosystem. Just shoot it – it’s not that easy. For example, wolves clean the forests of sick animals. “)

“The wolf is an effective paramedic of the forest. One should not forget that. The wolf first looks around for the sick animals and tears them. Here, for example, in my neighborhood, wild animals have multiplied enormously. And the wolf keeps the number of wild animals to a reasonable extent. ”

“One thing is clear: there are certainly 100 times as many wolves here if not more than in Germany. I myself am a hunter and have seen many wolves, but never shot one – and first of all because the wolf is a protected species by law. ”

Wolves do little damage
Ion Borduz is the mayor of the 2000 local community of Farliug, whose pastures graze about 12,000 sheep, sometimes more. But not only that the wolf must not be shot – a hunt makes no sense. And he says that quite deliberately as a hunter, according to Ion Borduz:

“The damage the wolf causes us is very small. We see no reason to change the stock. And remember, the wolves are useful animals in the balance of nature. In that sense, we even have an interest in wolves living in our area. They are important for the ecosystem. ”

And therefore there is no reason to change the legal protection of the wolf something – even then, if from time to time a creature will be torn.

“With us, between 10 and 12 animals are torn each year, with about 14 000 sheep in the municipality. Even the shepherds consider that to be acceptable. Because if they have any damage, they can come to us in the mayor’s office. We then form a commission and decide how to compensate those affected. We have precise rules for that. ”

Farliug in Western Romania: Here they have long since arranged with the wolf.