Man wakes up after a boozing with severed penis

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A 44-year-old celebrated the night until he fell asleep for too much alcohol. When he woke up, his penis was severed – the organ could be sewn up again.

At the beginning of May in China, a 44-year-old went out with friends in the evening. He looked far too deeply into the glass, as a Chinese media report. Among other things, he is said to have drunk almost half a liter of Baijiu, Chinese rice wine with around 45 percent alcohol.

That was too much for the man: Shortly afterward he fainted. When he awoke in the morning, the shock of his life awaited him: his penis had been cut off about two centimeters above the root and hung only on a small piece of skin. Why the man did not bleed is not known.

After 15 hours, the penis was back

The man’s family became aware of him through his screams. She immediately took the injured person to a hospital, where they could not help him. There were no specialists who could sew the penis back on. Only after a few attempts did the family find a hospital where they could take care of the 44-year-old. After about 15 hours, the penis was finally sutured again. The man is expected to recover completely.

Anyone who could have cut off his penis does not want to push him out – not even with his family, as his brother explains. He refuses to talk about the background. Also, he has not refunded an ad. Consequently, nothing is known about the motive of the act.