Thorne is blackmailed – and shares own nude photos

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Actress Bella Thorne was hacked and was sent her own nude photos. She decided to strike back and published the revealing pictures on Twitter.

“I feel disgusted, I feel observed” – this is how actress Bella Thorne begins her Twitter post with topless pictures. The pictures are on her mobile phone and were actually only meant for her boyfriend, as the 21-year-old writes.
But Thorne was hacked and blackmailed with her own nude photos. The perpetrator had sent her his own pictures and pictures of other celebrities. For far too long she had been taken advantage of by this man. “I’m sick of it. I’m putting an end to it because it’s my decision now. You don’t get more from me”, the actress continues.

“Here are the photos he used to threaten me. In other words: Here are my breasts” – Thorne publishes the pictures on Twitter and writes that she can sleep better now because she’s regained her power. “You can’t control my life – ever.”

After less than one day the post was commented more than 3000 times – mostly positive. As Thorne further reports, the FBI has turned her on.