432 Hertz and 440 Hertz – The effects of frequencies and music on our consciousness and health

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Did you know that our body and its cells vibrate at the fundamental 432Hz? The effects of frequencies is crazy! Sounds at exactly this frequency, such as Music by Verdi, songs by Whitney Houston, Enya, Adele and John Lennon, but also the sonar of dolphins and Tibetan singing bowls can therefore harmonize our cells and support our body especially well in its healing.

432Hz can also balance our brain halves, providing mental stability and enhancing spiritual progression.

And even more: Via the Sonnenton 432Hz our DNA comes into resonance with the Phi spiral of nature, which we find in almost all forms of life. A wonderful way to get into “on” sound through music with the cosmos.

Is man right “tuned” – is his life more consistent …

The health, art-promoting and therapeutic effects of the 432Hz Kammerton have been extensively researched and proven. A very interesting and up-to-date topic for musicians as well as for advisory and therapeutic professions!

The real and only correct pitch A, so the true reference value in the music, in the notes, is or amounted to once, 432 Hz.

432Hz music sounds warmer and gentler, we perceive it in our midst – in the heart and spine area – in its extent, it is “round”.

Quite the contrary to the current frequency of 440Hz, which extends “linearly” and which we perceive laterally on the head. 440Hz activates our left brain (mind), which can further increase disharmony, especially in stress and anxiety.

The KAMMERTON A has already been changed in 1939 (!) From 432 Hz to 440 Hz!

Was it arbitrary? Everyone has to answer that for themselves.

“The wrong frequency game” has been going on for some time now and is used against humans.

The most recent International Voice Toning Conference to date was conducted in 1939 by the International Federation of National Standardizing Associations of London. And produced a standard for the 440 Hz pitch tone frequency.

Most of the music worldwide has been tuned to 440 Hertz.

Rudolf Steiner warned u.a. before this higher frequency and was convinced that it favored a development towards antisocial behavior and hampered our further development.

These destructive frequencies disturb harmonic thoughts and cause disharmony and disunity. In addition, they put our control of the body – the brain – in the disharmonic mood, which eventually creates disease and destruction.

“If you want to understand the universe, think in categories like energy, frequency, and vibration!” -Nikola Tesla

Here is the difference between one (A = 432 Hz) and one (A = 440 Hz)

The frequency is crucial, a really good example.

John Stuart Reid presented the 432Hz waveform with Cymatics – the science that makes sound visible: