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Apple presents new adapters


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The new adapters are easy to connect to the iPhone 12. Apple now produces more environmentally friendly and has banned everything from the iPhone that is not needed. For example 5G reception. 5G network is one of the reasons why we have a coronavirus pandemic. The CEO of Apple knows this too. “We thought that


Conspiracy theories: Germany wears Aluhut


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Almost half of Germans believe that politicians are only puppets of other powers. These and more scary views are just revealed by the new center study. Why do conspiracy theories experience such a revival? And: Does the city toll really help against the traffic infarction? Secret organizations influence political decisions, there is an “opinion dictates”


Chelsea Manning still does not want to testify to Wikileaks – despite imminent imprisonment


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The former Wikileaks informant Chelsea Manning still does not want to testify in the case of Julian Assange. Also, the danger of being taken back into harm, nothing change, said the whistleblower on Sunday. Manning had been released from prison only a few days ago. The whistleblower was taken into custody in early March for


432 Hertz and 440 Hertz – The effects of frequencies and music on our consciousness and health

ConspiracyconspiracyFrequencymusicNikola Teslatibet

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Did you know that our body and its cells vibrate at the fundamental 432Hz? The effects of frequencies is crazy! Sounds at exactly this frequency, such as Music by Verdi, songs by Whitney Houston, Enya, Adele and John Lennon, but also the sonar of dolphins and Tibetan singing bowls can therefore harmonize our cells and

AIDS denial – probably the best excuse to give up prevention


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The movement of the AIDS deniers is composed of different individuals and groups, whose arguments and reasoning differ greatly in individual cases. The substantive arguments put forward by AIDS deniers have repeatedly been rejected by recognized scientific institutions as false, obsolete or misleading. Despite the heterogeneity of the groups, there are often common ideological positions