Bitcoin is approaching the $ 7,000 mark


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Monday, May 13 – Most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies record significant gains, while Bitcoin (BTC) breaks the 6,900 dollar mark. Ether (ETH) holds in its position as the largest Altcoin by market capitalization, which is currently at 20.9 billion dollars. The second largest Altcoin XRP has a market capitalization of $ 13.71 billion. CoinMarketCap


IOTA supported by the EU-funded LEDGER project


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The IOTA Foundation is calling on the IOTA technology community to participate in the LEDGER project funded by the EU Commission, the Foundation said in a blog post published on March 29. In the funding competition, winning teams will receive cash advances of up to € 200,000 over several months to advance their projects. LEDGER


Ripple teams up with IOTA, Cardano and ConsensSys to start INATBA


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American startup Ripple has international relations in many countries around the world to work with regulators and financial institutions. However, in order to make a decisive contribution to global adaptation, they become founding members of INATBA. The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications, INATBA for short, is a forum for organizations that are committed to


Russian social media giant VK is considering its own cryptocurrency


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VKontakte (VK), the most popular social media platform in Russia, is considering developing its own cryptocurrency, according to a March 28 report from the RNS local news platform. According to the report, an unnamed person familiar with the company’s plans told the news platform that it intends to set up individual cryptocurrency accounts for all

the tangle

Swiss startup Proxeus tests IOTA tracking system for shipping


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The Swiss startup Proxeus has developed and successfully tested an IOTA tracking system. The company announced on its website on March 28th. The test was part of a blockchain project by Blackfactory and Sytrax. This companies enabled RFID chips to track pallets in interconnected loading terminals to provide an electronic readout. Tracking data such as


Mass market soon reached? Galaxus decide to accept bitcoin


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Cryptocurrency is introduced in Switzerland. The largest online mall, Digitec Galaxus, recently decided to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. This should contribute significantly to the improved acceptance of the new Internet currencies. Bitcoin still not fully accepted In the last few months, the bitcoin, which unleashed an unprecedented hype in


What is IOTA? And why is it better than other cryptocurrencies?


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IOTA (MIOTA) is a cryptocurrency known as the secure communication and payment medium for the Internet of Things (IOT). Instead of a classic blockchain, the system uses the so-called Tangle, which offers some advantages in terms of scalability and speed. IOTA is being developed in collaboration with consortia and companies, which places a strong emphasis