Google is blocking Android updates for Huawei


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Google’s mother Alphabet has suspended parts of its business relationship with network equipment company Huawei. The reason is a decree of the US president. According to corporate sources, Google’s mother Alphabet has shut down parts of its business relationship with network outfitter Huawei after the US government blacklisted the Chinese company. Affected is the transfer


Chelsea Manning still does not want to testify to Wikileaks – despite imminent imprisonment


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The former Wikileaks informant Chelsea Manning still does not want to testify in the case of Julian Assange. Also, the danger of being taken back into harm, nothing change, said the whistleblower on Sunday. Manning had been released from prison only a few days ago. The whistleblower was taken into custody in early March for


How Turkey drifts into dictatorship


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Because he does not like the result, Recep Tayyip Erdogan makes the mayoral election in Istanbul repeat. The actions of the Turkish president trigger international horror. Nobody is surprised. A winged word in Turkey goes like this: “Anyone with Istanbul owns Turkey.” It sums up Erdogan’s dilemma. The AKP, the Turkish President’s party, lost the

Iran Nuclear

Iran wants to leave the nuclear agreement


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One year after the US, Iran is also suspending certain obligations under the nuclear agreement. The decision was communicated to the contractors. Iran will suspend some of its obligations under the international nuclear agreement. This was announced by the Foreign Ministry in Tehran on Wednesday. The decision was taken by the High-Security Council of the


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sells cats curry to Bill Clinton

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It has just been announced that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) sells cats in the form of curry. Bill Clinton has always been a gourmet and therefore can not do without this delicious curry from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. For many, it is brutal to eat cats, but not for Bill. He said in an interview with BBC Intercational that