Even with money you can not delete from the Internet

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As already Beyonce wants to erase a picture that shows her at the 47th Super Bowl.

The former porn actress “Mayli” aka Amelia W. will delete her video from Faceabuse (hardcore pornography) and YourWhoreNextDoor.

But even Beyonce did not make it, with her money her photo:

Also the video of Mayli was not completely deleted. Now 9 years later, the topic is taken up again.

Here are the redits:


Her smile from thickloads

so innocent.. so pure.. from Kappa

Kelly Balthazar is often mentioned on 4chan’s /r9k/ from hapas

According to Redit, her father is said to be the vice president of an investment bank. But money has not freed them from it ….

She has the right to remove her pictures, as she bought back the rights of both studios (was probably expensive) but her name can be found everywhere.

She was also zenized on google. Her name changed her name.

We have not mentioned her name here. Only her former stage name. Because there should be a life after porno, only not only for rich ones.

What’s your opinion?