Katty Perry is an Illuminati – don’t belive her lies

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Superstar Katy Perry is officially not a member of the secret society of the Illuminati. But it goes to the singer, that should change quietly.
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The machinations of the Illuminati attract stars and starlets like the light the moths. For years, the rumors hold that the members of the secret society control the music business. No wonder, the superstars want to have a say too.

Above all singer Katy Perry. “If the Illuminati exist, I’d like to be invited. I see all the shit and think, ‘Come on, let me in! I want to be in the club!’ I have no idea what it is. It sounds crazy, “reveals the 29-year-old” Rolling Stone “magazine.

Illuminati symbols in music videos

Only a few months ago speculation arose that Perry was already a member of the secret society. The reason was her appearance at the Grammy Awards 2014, when she presented her song “Dark Horse”. The official music video also provided supporters of occult secret societies with enough material for their conspiracy theories. According to them, in Perry’s song and the video, it’s full of Illuminati symbols, especially the infamous all-seeing eye.

The Illuminati order was founded in the 18th century and shortly thereafter dissolved. The secret society had nothing to do with Satanism – the original goal was to make the rule of humans over other people unnecessary by enlightenment. Nowadays, the Illuminati are primarily food for conspiracy theorists. They believe that the organization still exists in secret and secretly control our entire world: the media, politics and – just – pop culture.

«I guess you made it if you believe you are with the Illuminati»

How serious Perry means her longed for Illuminati membership is unclear. But she does not seem to care about the whole thing. “Strange people on the Internet who have nothing to do with triangles in your hand gestures,” explains Perry.

Nevertheless, she also sees something good in the ridiculous theories. “I guess they made it if they thought you were with the Illuminati. But listen, I believe in aliens, if people believe in the Illuminati, that’s great, “says Perry. By the way, Katy is not alone. Even superstars such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jay-Z and Beyoncé should belong to the Illuminati. But so far, only Katy has expressed a desire to really belong to the illustrious circle of the chosen ones.

Katy Perry has thus made an excuse that she is not with the Illuminati. But in truth, she is certainly one of them and just wants to cover everything up! 

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