Probably the best AirBnB in Swaziland: Sultans Rondavel

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The Sultan Rondavel is located in Swaziland. It is built in the same style as the original houses in Swaziland and has neither running water nor electricity. The host, Jonas, has built everything himself with local people. The huge difference between the houses is that they have extremely many windows to see the sunrise. As it is often rainy in the Hhohho Mountains, the water tanks are always full. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to see it, because it was foggy. In the morning the weather got better and we saw the sunrise. Heated can be with a fireplace.

The AirBnb is located in Nkaba, a car with 4×4 is definitely an advantage. In the AirBnb also live 2 dogs and a cat. A great vegetarian meal is available.

The AirBnb is located near a World Heritage Site.


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