Some reasons why you should delete Telegram immediately

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Telegram is overrated. If you are looking for a less intrusive messenger than WhatsApp, there are many secure alternatives to try. But the Telegram option is as smart as getting a ready-made cheeseburger from the supermarket.

More than 400 million people worldwide chat with Telegram, according to the company’s website. One reason for the popularity is certainly the outlaw image of Telegram. The founder Pavel Durov left Russia for political reasons, the company is now based in Dubai. Durov twittered several times about how Russia was trying in vain to block Telegram. He used the combative hashtag #digitalresistace, digital resistance. Take that, Putin!

Telegram also categorically rejects advertising. “Making profit will never be the goal of Telegram”, is written in the FAQ. Take that, tech industry!

But a closer look reveals: Similar to the commercial competition, Telegram is not a model student when it comes to privacy. In addition, Telegram is teeming with Nazis and conspiracy ideologues – because the company gives a lot of freedom to its misanthropy on public channels and groups. Is that part of the outlaw image as well? Here are five reasons why Telegram is not the alternative messenger we have been waiting for.

If you leave all gimmicks aside, messengers have only one important job: private conversations should be private. The best technological solution for this is end-to-end encryption. It ensures that only the sender and recipient can read a message. If you intercept end-to-end encrypted data or browse the provider’s server, you will only see a salad of characters. Even WhatsApp has been using this type of secure encryption since 2016.

Telegram, however, does not seem to take this one important job too seriously. The Messenger only offers end-to-end encryption if you enable it for each contact. So if you just start chatting, you send your messages without end-to-end encryption.