IOTA supported by the EU-funded LEDGER project


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The IOTA Foundation is calling on the IOTA technology community to participate in the LEDGER project funded by the EU Commission, the Foundation said in a blog post published on March 29. In the funding competition, winning teams will receive cash advances of up to € 200,000 over several months to advance their projects. LEDGER

the tangle

Swiss startup Proxeus tests IOTA tracking system for shipping


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The Swiss startup Proxeus has developed and successfully tested an IOTA tracking system. The company announced on its website on March 28th. The test was part of a blockchain project by Blackfactory and Sytrax. This companies enabled RFID chips to track pallets in interconnected loading terminals to provide an electronic readout. Tracking data such as


What is IOTA? And why is it better than other cryptocurrencies?


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IOTA (MIOTA) is a cryptocurrency known as the secure communication and payment medium for the Internet of Things (IOT). Instead of a classic blockchain, the system uses the so-called Tangle, which offers some advantages in terms of scalability and speed. IOTA is being developed in collaboration with consortia and companies, which places a strong emphasis