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Iran wants to leave the nuclear agreement


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One year after the US, Iran is also suspending certain obligations under the nuclear agreement. The decision was communicated to the contractors. Iran will suspend some of its obligations under the international nuclear agreement. This was announced by the Foreign Ministry in Tehran on Wednesday. The decision was taken by the High-Security Council of the


15 places you can not visit

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1.«Snake Island», Brazil Queimada Grande or Ilha das Cobras (Portuguese for Snake Island) is located 33 kilometers off the coast of Brazil. Researchers estimate that one to five island lice-pots per square meter lives here. They are practically the only animals on the island and feed on migrating birds that rest here. Lighthouse keepers used


Roger Waters considers performing Pink Floyd’s The Wall on US-Mexico border

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Though Roger Waters did not write Pink Floyd’sThe Wall as an allegory about any real-life structure, the band’s 1979 opus subsequently took on such an interpretation. In July 1990, Waters performed the album in Berlin, Germany to commemorates the fall of the Berlin Wall eight months earlier. Now, he’s planning a similar concert in protest of Donald Trump’s planned wall separating