The SMS spoiler service for Game of Thrones haters

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Revenge is a popular feeling in Game of Thrones. However, some fans of the GoT feel that way, even when it has been spoiled – for example, by the readers of the novels of GRR Martin, who until recently had a certain lead in terms of action. At which – and also at other friends enemies one can now take fine revenge: The US-provider sent on request after each episode spoiler SMS to any number.

So if you really want to annoy a Game of Thrones fan (especially now for the season finale, of course) and appreciate the anonymity, you can be happy with a dollar. The provider promises to send the nastiest spoilers of the episode right after each episode. The current season is already relatively timely to the US broadcast in German TV, but a few hours pass already. And not everyone takes on the Monday evening at 21 clock time for the first broadcast.