This Insta model did not dare to go outside

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She jetted around the world as a model and posed for the Sports Illustrated, but last year Georgia Gibbs did not want to leave her house. The reason: acne.

Georgia Gibbs, from Perth, Australia, was at the peak of her modeling career last year, jetting between Melbourne and Los Angeles, enjoying hundreds of thousands of Instagram and YouTube followers, and campaigning all over the world booked, including for a bikini shoot of the magazine “Sports Illustrated”. But then the tide began to turn for the 23-year-old.

At the beginning of 2018, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue while at the same time a close family member became seriously ill. In addition, the model parted from her then boyfriend. “But instead of looking after myself and my health, I just kept working,” she tells news portal Australia.

Infected wound, irritable bowel syndrome and fungal infection

The downward spiral continued: In May, Gibbs had to undergo a stomach operation after which her wound became infected. In addition, she was diagnosed among other things, the irritable bowel syndrome and a large-scale fungal infection.

It was not long before her body also showed symptoms externally in the form of numerous, red pimples. In just 30 days, her whole face was covered with it. “I was known for my flawless and pure skin, but suddenly my face was marked with itchy, painful and severe acne,” recalls Gibbs.


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My story, healing my skin and gut health naturally, video now live on my YouTube the link is in my bio 💛 #BeKind I’m nervous sharing this with you, a couple months ago I refused to face time my mum, wouldn’t leave the house worried about another person being like “oh what’s happened to your face” but I know there’s so many of you scrolling your perfect Instagram feeds, well MODELS AREN’T PERFECT, just your filtered photoshopped Instagram is. This experience truly taught me to practice what I preach “more than my appearance” when you have acne it’s so hard to see past but I’m so grateful for this experience because I was forced to value myself for so much more than my skin & for that I’m forever grateful. 💗 Making my red freckles cute✌🏼 #UNDEFINEDBYACNE #GutHealth #MentalHealth

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