Trump threatens Iran with extinction

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The US President tweets: If Iran wants to fight, this is the end of the country.

  • US President Donald Trump threatens Iran via Twitter with the downfall of the state.
  • Previously, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard had expressed militant.
  • One year after the United States reneged on the nuclear agreement with Iran under Trump’s leadership, Iran announced that it no longer wanted to abide by the agreement on certain points.

The situation in the Gulf is considered very tense due to the conflict between the US and Iran. “If Iran wants to fight, this will be the official end of Iran,” Trump wrote in the short message service Twitter. “Never again threaten the US,” he added.

The US has recently sent an aircraft carrier and a bomber squadron to the Middle East, with indications of possible attacks by Iran on US troops. The US and its ally Saudi Arabia accuse Iran of causing trouble and supporting terrorism.

Terminated nuclear deal

About a year ago Trump had terminated the international nuclear agreement with Iran. The US president was of the opinion that Iran had not adhered to the agreement. However, there are no violations. The agreement was negotiated in 2015 to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb.

Iran announced on the first anniversary of the termination of the agreement that it would no longer comply with certain provisions of the agreement.

The USA also threatens business partners of Iran

Above all, the Iranian economy suffers from development. She is in a deep crisis. The US also threatened to sanction those countries that continued to do business with Iran.

Switzerland represents the US diplomatic interests in Iran.